Safe Guardian's
O-pentue - O-litter
Born: 07.04.2014
2 males + 6 bitches

 Kuvia pennuista - Photos of Puppies

Isä - Sire:                                                                                           Emä - Dam:
                             Gribouille de L'ange Garden de Faujus                          FI & EE & LV CH Safe Guardian´s Impossible Bitch                         
HD A/A ED 0/0                                                                     HD B/B, ED 0/0, back & eyes OK,
                   MDR1 +/- DM N/N                                                           MDR1+/+, DM N/DM, Mental tested +205


Safe Guardian's
Out Of Control

HD A/A, ED 0/0, Selkä & Silmät terveet
MDR1 +/-, DM N/N,
täysi hampaisto

Luonnetesti +116 pistettä

Jäynäs's page

Safe Guardian's
One Bad Bitch

HD A/A , ED 0/0, Selkä LTV1 SP0,
Silmät terveet
täysi hampaisto

Safe Guardian's
Optical Trick

täysi hampaisto

Kuollut tapaturmaisesti 24.10.2015


Safe Guardian's
Obviously The Best

missing 2xP2

owner: Philippi Yvette


Safe Guardian's
One Step Ahead

HD B/B, ED 0/0, Selkä ,
Silmät terveet
täysi hampaisto

Safe Guardian's
Order In Pack

HD B/B, ED 0/0, Selkä & Silmät terveet
täysi hampaisto


Safe Guardian's
Obedience Champion

HD B/C, ED 0/0, Selkä LTV1 SP0
MDR1 +/+, DM N/DM,
Kivekset ok, täysi hampaisto

Luonnetesti +80 pistettä

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Safe Guardian's
Opinionated Wolf

HD A/A, ED 0/0, Selkä terve
Kivekset ok, täysi hampaisto


Sukutaulu  -  Pedigree

Gribouille de L'ange Garden de Faujus Croc Blanc de L'Ange Gardien de Faujus Arpper de L'Ange Gardien de Faujus Ripper du Domaine la Combe Noire Montana-king de la cour
Paquita de la cour
Sally De La Cour Rosco de la cour
Piyan of wolfshof
T’Fleur Dite Tara de Vi Pasay Hugo Du Petit Mont Blanc Mylord von alba mira
Jessy of the white valley
N Vic Tortuga bay von alba mira
Sundy at the white valley
Blue Ice du Domaine des Collines Blanches Orphée II Of The White Hills Leonberg's Murphy Terrors silver masterpiece
Kena deblanche v.pine river
Morphee of Fairyland’s Guardien Igor of white shepherd
Altai-gloria of the french connection
Tornade de Vieux Manoir de Soisay Olaf des Gardiens du Walhalla Lynx des gardiens du walhalla
Lilote des gardiens du walhalla
Princesse du Vieux Manoir Aramis boy of Dreamland
Mickie des Chênes du Moulin
Safe Guardian's Impossible Bitch Kirstonmae Sir Higgins Soothsayer Quincy At Kirstonmae Bridgeview White Tiger Clappham White Kane
Bridgeview Bubbly-On-Ice
Soothsayer Cordelia´s Wish Billalayn Strikes Again
Kenyee Inspiration From Soothsayer
Eastcheldon Kindhearted  At Kirstonmae Penbruce Tracker Of Eastcheldon Blue Warrior
Duncastle Angelic Snowgirl
Eastcheldon White Gracious Mistboys D’Hanna Sineh Of Eastcheldon
Black Gypsy Of Cheldon
Safe Keeper´s Beat Them All Talviyön Lunitari White Jack Kulleborg´s Dalton
White Dior
White Wolf Blanca Trooper Lee Wendlandt
Dixie Lee Wendlandt
A'Kiwi-Cocktailaus  dem Hause Wagner Signori Spike vom Hause Wagner Signori Stark
Signora Weiss Fraculein Unica
Asta aus dem Hause Wagner Agil vom Martinshof
Elvira vom Heiligenstein