Safe Guardian's
G-pentue - G-litter
Born: 09.06.2021
4 males + 5 females

 Kuvia pennuista - Photos of Puppies

Isä - Sire:                                                                                           Emä - Dam:
                                     Grizzly-Gizmo                                                                     Safe Guardian´s Out Of Control                         
    HD C/B, ED 0/1, LTV0, SP1 & eyes OK,                                  HD A/A, ED 0/0, back LTV1, SP0 & eyes OK,
 MDR1 +/+, DM N/N, Mental tested +80                                       MDR1+/-, DM N/N, Mental tested +116


Safe Guardian's
Guardian Of The Sheep


Riemu's page


Safe Guardian's
Great Escape



Safe Guardian's
Girls Don't Cry



Safe Guardian's
Go For It



Safe Guardian's
Give Me Five



Safe Guardian's
Goodbye Peace

DM N/N, Kivekset ok

Syke's page


Safe Guardian's
Gang Leader

DM N/N, Kivekset ok


Safe Guardian's
Guilty All Over

DM N/N, Kivekset


Safe Guardian's
Good Luck Charm

DM N/N, Kivekset ok


Sukutaulu  -  Pedigree

Grizzly-Gizmo Oldambt's Special Into Action Lothians Vencer Kann Schimmelpfeng Hunther Barc Kann Schimmelpfeng Dom Rock Schimmelpfeng
Tiara Do Vale Kann Schimmelpfeng
Juma Green Kann Schimmelpfeng Alphie Kann Green Forest
Crystal Schimmelpfeng Dos Tres Rios
Oldambt´s Special Cracky Chelsey Majestics Navajo Scout Morgan von Diamond
India vom Werntal
Modesty van Marcesth Efendi Prinz vom Sutumer Grund
Indipendence Way V Marcesth
Let'em-Talk Ardtalamcu Sneachda Bracken Warrior Rosedust Harvester
Diamond Snow Girl
Ardtalamcu Mettle Syriacus Snowy
Kyvalas Zena of Ardtalamcu
Ballynabola Blue Bayou At Gurneys Bobsleigh Blaster at Kazaura Blue Decoy of Ardtalamcu
Mariebar Ulle from Joramba
Rosedust Blue Natilee by Ballynabola Blue Boy Willow
Ballynabola Blue Lace
Safe Guardian's Out Of Control Gribouille de L'ange Garden de Faujus Croc Blanc de L'Ange Gardien de Faujus Arpper de L'Ange Gardien de Faujus Ripper du Domaine la Combe Noire
Sally De La Cour
T’Fleur Dite Tara de Vi Pasay Hugo Du Petit Mont Blanc
N Vic
Blue Ice du Domaine des Collines Blanches Orphée II Of The White Hills Leonberg's Murphy
Morphee of Fairyland’s Guardien
Tornade de Vieux Manoir de Soisay  Olaf des Gardiens du Walhalla
 Princesse du Vieux Manoir
Safe Guardian's Impossible Bitch Kirstonmae Sir Higgins Soothsayer Quincy At Kirstonmae  Bridgeview White Tiger
 Soothsayer Cordelia´s Wish
Eastcheldon Kindhearted At Kirstonmae Penbruce Tracker Of Eastcheldon
Eastcheldon White Gracious
Safe Keeper´s Beat Them All Talviyön Lunitari White Jack
White Wolf Blanca
A'Kiwi-Cocktailaus dem Hause Wagner Signori Spike vom Hause Wagner
Asta aus dem Hause Wagner