Safe Guardian's
J-pentue - J-litter
Born: 03.05.2022
3 males + 5 females

Isä - Sire:                                                                                           Emä - Dam:
                    Safe Guardian's What So Ever                                                   Safe Guardian´s Shake It Babe                         
HD A/A, ED 0/0, back LTV1, SP0 & eyes ok,                              HD B/B, ED 0/0, back LTV0, SP0 & eyes OK,
      MDR1 +/+, DM N/N, MH tested                                                   MDR1+/-, DM N/DM, Mental tested +78


Safe Guardian's
Joker In The Game

kivekset ok

Kirppu's page


Safe Guardian's
Joking Little Beast

Kivekset ok


Safe Guardian's
Jungle Lion

Kivekset ok


Safe Guardian's
Just Kidding

Vilda's page


Safe Guardian's
Just Because I Can


Safe Guardian's
Jazzy Feet


Safe Guardian's
Jumping Hairball


Safe Guardian's
Jingle Of Gold


Sukutaulu  -  Pedigree

Safe Guardian's What So Ever Moby Dick of the Heart of Lothian Heiko des Gardiens du Pacte Kerstone’s Dark Knight Kerstone’s Ridin’ The Storm Out
Surefire Roxy Raven
Surefire Sparkle of Seeku Surefire Mister von Patchwork
Nala Mingan
Pippa Boyan of the Heart of Lothian Andor Boy van Marjan's Meute Sultan vom Thielenhof
Giara vom Altdeutschen Eck
Ballynabola blue pearl BobSleigh Blaster At Kazaura
Rosedust Blue Natilee by Ballynabola
Safe Guardian´s Love At First Bite Angry Brigade's Chevalier White Wolf O'conner Cysgod Arian
Aldermaston Eira Wen
Ciara of White Energy Snamerto Staomner
Unique Shakira of White Condor
Safe Keeper´s Beat Them All Talviyön Lunitari White Jack
White Wolf Blanca
A'Kiwi-Cocktailaus dem Hause Wagner Signori Spike vom Hause Wagner
Asta aus dem Hause Wagner
Safe Guardian's Shake It Babe Snowfire Gems A'Sherlocks VII Sens Avathar Lothian Kann Schimmelpfeng Igor White Memphis Kann Schimmelpfeng Anke Memphis Kann Schimmelpfeng
Bianca Schimmelpfeng Barcelos
Gaya Reine Kann Schimmelpfeng Apollo Reine Kann Schimmelpfeng
Lourdes Maria Kann Schimmelpfeng
7C's Fire Queen Platin For TNT Regalwise Platinum Prince Regalwise Kruger
Regalwise Irene
Angelic's Lucky Charm of Eclipse  Eclipse's Big Money
Peannete's Pyramid of Echoes
Guardian-Angel Oldambt's Special Into Action Lothians Vencer Kann Schimmelpfeng Hunther Barc Kann Schimmelpfeng
Juma Green Kann Schimmelpfeng
Oldambt´s Special Cracky Chelsey Majestics Navajo Scout
Modesty van Marcesth
Let'em-Talk Ardtalamcu Sneachda Bracken Warrior
Ardtalamcu Mettle
Ballynabola Blue Bayou At Gurneys Bobsleigh Blaster at Kazaura
Rosedust Blue Natilee by Ballynabola