Safe Guardian's
M-pentue - M-litter
Born: 22.03.2023
5 males + 3 bitches

Isä - Sire:                                                                                                          Emä - Dam:
                                Safe Guardian's Xmas Grinch                                                           Another Scandal of Safe Guardian's                         
         HD A/A, ED 0/0, back LTV0, SP0 & eyes OK,                                          HD C/B, ED 0/0, back LTV1, SP0 & eyes OK,
  MDR1 +/+, DM N/DM, Mental tested +155                                               MDR1+/-,  DM N/N Mental tested +125


Safe Guardian's
Mental Case

kivekset ok

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Safe Guardian's
Man In The Mirror

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Safe Guardian's
Most Wanted

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Safe Guardian's
Made For Me

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Safe Guardian's
Mister Mitchell

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Safe Guardian's
Modern Myth

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Safe Guardian's
Mud Magnet


Safe Guardian's
Mine All Mine


Sukutaulu  -  Pedigree

Safe Guardian's Xmas Grinch Royal Praderio Born In The USA Royal Von Tasz Classic Reeves Royal Angus von Tasz Moses Lacsar von Tasz
Hoofprint Be A Spasz von Tasz
Wytecliff's Royal Crimson Ruby Aslan Spirit of Tumbledown
Moonshadow's Charisma of TDWC
Royal I'm Here for the Party Royal Fit to be Tied Kuma Vivanco
Royal Hyjinx Aurora Dee v Marike
Royal Lady Isis IQ Vantasia's Merlin Lancelot
Royal's Timeless Treasure
Let Them Talk More of Safe Guardian's Hamshill White Wizard Of Kabokane Kenmillto Reflection Kenzed Blade
Belgarion Black Witch
Snow Ice Beauty Launige Clever Boy
White Lia
Kenmilleven Ceres Daydream Tripper Caladan Black Clyde
Burnt Offerings
Mistletoe Milly Magical Knight of the Mist of Jilliano
Cute Cuddles
Another Scandal of Safe Guardian's White- Igor Ivan II Basso Olliver
Natascha Lazzo
Chilly Bright Blaze Of Trebons Berger Blanc Nice of You To Come Bye Ultimo
Zena of White Condor
Angeline Tracker Du Bois Des Ternes
Sunnantorps Baroness Of Scarlet
Loalsin's Dacota Diezell King Commando Elan
Tricko-Bams Zelda
Fia Modanias Oscar
Stommen's Centa
Black Wolf Elaika Oshiba's Rippo Odin
Nova Bamse