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X-pentue - X-litter
Born: 21.12.2018
3 males + 2 bitches

 Kuvia pennuista - Photos of Puppies

Isä - Sire:                                                                                                          Emä - Dam:
                         Royal Praderio Born In The USA                                                       Let Them Talk More Of Safe Guardian's                         
        HD A/A , ED 0/0,                                                                          HD B/A, ED 0/1, back LTV0 & eyes OK,
              MDR1 +/+, DM N/N,                                                                     MDR1+/+,  DM DM/DM Mental tested +100


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Xtremely Amazing

HD A/A, ED 0/0, Selkä LTV1 SP0,
silmät terveet
MDR1 +/+, DM N/DM

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Xclusive For You

HD A/A, ED 0/0, Selkä ok,
MDR1 +/+, DM N/DM

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Xmas Grinch

HD A/A, ED 0/0, Selkä LTV0 SP0,
silmät terveet
DM N/DM, MDR1 +/+, Kivekset ok

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Xcuse Me

HD A/A, ED 0/0, Selkä LTV0 SP0,
silmät terveet
DM N/DM, MDR1 +/+, Kivekset ok


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Xample For You

HD A/A, ED 0/0, Selkä LTV0 SP1,
silmät terveet
DM N/DM, MDR1 +/+, Kivekset ok


Sukutaulu  -  Pedigree

Royal Praderio
Born In The USA
Royal Von Tasz Classic Reeves Royal Angus von Tasz Moses Lacsar von Tasz Sherman's Weiss Schnee Bar
Pipoly's Little White Tasz
Hoofprint Be A Spasz von Tasz Hoofprint Pancho
Hoofprint Lanna
Wytecliff's Royal Crimson Ruby Aslan Spirit of Tumbledown Gloria's Steppin Out Beau
Hytymes Zanadau Tumbledown
Moonshadow's Charisma of TDWC Hoofprint Sundance
Regalwise Remember Me Always
Royal I'm Here for the Party Royal Fit to be Tied Kuma Vivanco Silver's L P Flashes Seegar
L.P. Flash's Ice Princess
Royal Hyjinx Aurora Dee v Marike Shewana’s Wild,Wild West
Royal Elite Elegance
Royal Lady Isis IQ Vantasia's Merlin Lancelot Royal Sir Isaac's IQ
Vantasia's Lucia China
Royal's Timeless Treasure Royal Damien Teen's Desire
Royal Starburst Tiara
Let Them Talk
More of Safe Guardian's
Hamshill White Wizard Of Kabokane Kenmillto Reflection Kenzed Blade Amiscus White snow Falcon
Denillanne Foxboro Snow at Soothsayer
Belgarion Black Witch Loboas Black Meteor
Princewood Ace of Spades
Snow Ice Beauty Launige Clever Boy Broels Ice Cool Joe
Launige April White Damsel
White Lia White Lightening Of Tustin
Dainty Marvel
Kenmilleven Ceres Daydream Tripper Caladan Black Clyde Rorkesdrift Mbiline
Beaumonts Tudor Princess Of Vonvarda
Burnt Offerings Fatal Shock
Kaernten Paris House
Mistletoe Milly Magical Knight of the Mist of Jilliano Goldmoon Sunshine Max
Granadina Escara
Cute Cuddles Cunning Major
Lady Ebony Of Deckham